Fashion Communication Conferences

Fashion communication: between tradition and future digital developments

FACTUM 19 Conference

Ascona, Switzerland, July 2019

FACTUM 21 Conference 

Pamplona, Spain, June 2021

FACTUM 23 Conference

Pisa, Italy, 3-5 July 2023

Kalbaska, N., Sadaba. T., Cominelli, F., Cantoni, L. (Eds). (2019). Fashion Communication in the Digital Age. Proceedings FACTUM19 Conference, Ascona, Switzerland. Springer, Cham, 1-300. ISBN 978-3-030-15436-3

Sadaba, T., Kalbaska, N., Cominelli, F., Cantoni, L., & Torregrossa, M. (Eds). (2021). Fashion Communication. Proceedings FACTUM21 Conference, Pamplona, Spain. Springer, Cham, 1-337. ISBN 978-3-030-81323-9

FACTUM 23 Call for Papers now open!

Accepted papers will be published in an Open Access Proceedings volume by Springer.

The conference proceedings will be indexed by Scopus.

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