Research lines

Digital Fashion Communication Research Team is currently working on the following research directions:

  • Content and argumentative analysis of fashion-related online reviews
  • Digital analytics of Digital Fashion Communication publication outlets
  • Augmented and Virtual reality in fashion buying experience
  • Communication of fashion as intangible cultural heritage (in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair established at USI, focused on ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites)
  • Digital fashion skills and related HRM practices
  • eLearning and MOOCs in fashion training
  • Fashion communication in the retail environment
  • Fashion shows as a communication object
  • Framing of Digital Fashion Communication
  • Relationship between eTourism and Fashion
  • Omnichannel fashion experience
  • Usability studies (including eye-tracking and other biometrical indicators)
  • Use of configurations in fashion e-Commerce websites
  • Visual communication in fashion

Ongoing research

Are you an e-Commerce/Online Communication Specialist or HR Specialist/Manager in the Fashion industry? Participate in our ongoing research project to understand what kind of competences are needed today within fashion companies in e-Commerce and Online Communication.

With this research project, we aim to answer the following questions:
What kind of competences are being used today by e-Commerce and Online Communication Specialists?
What HR Managers are actually looking for while hiring new employees for the related positions?

For more information please refer to these slides.

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Master theses

Several Master theses are being conducted in the field, addressing design issues of online shoes’ configurators, fashion weeks, online promotional and e-commerce activities of fashion startups. Further subjects for Master theses are available in the field of digital fashion communication, as well as projects for interns. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska: nadzeya.kalbaska/at/