Zhimin Chen

Senior Lecturer in Fashion Business, Manchester Fashion Institute (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Prof. Chen graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology in 1992, having been funded by a Scholarship from the Glorious Sun Group Hong Kong. He became a Senior Lecturer in International Fashion Business in 2004. His specialist area of expertise is in Fashion Supply Chain Management, a subject in which he has conducted research and published papers internationally.

His research interests concern the different facets of fashion design and manufacture and how technology and management systems not only assist particular aspects to combine and move forward, but at the same time pose new challenges in terms of their management. One such example is the case of the management and organisation of fashion clothing supply chains, particularly between Great Britain and China; various ways have been devised to assist the smooth operation of the supply chain, but even so, what remains of key interest is how best to establish certainty in communication and thereby to enhance quality assurance along such chains.